Program For Street Kids

Establishment of a Shelter Home for Volatile Substance Abusing street children to provide them need-based and context oriented services.

Pakistan Society has established the only need-based and context oriented shelter home / residential facility for young street solvent abusers in Karachi called Promise House. In the Promise House, these runaway, abandoned, unprivileged homeless children, most of whom have been abused or rejected by dysfunctional and poverty-striken families are fed, clothed, given a clean bed, diagnostic and medical treatment, counseling, detoxification, non-formal educational and income generating activities, training, security and most important of all-dignity, love and hope enabling them to improve quality of their life aimed at their social reintegration and helping them becoming functional and respectable members of society in future. The Promise House also works as a Crisis Center where outside street kids can get immediate, round-the-clock emergency medical care including antiseptic dressings, medicine for minor ailments and the benefit of an attentive ear, an instructive tongue and a compassionate heart.

Outside the Promise House, our Outreach Teams contact solvent abusing kids on the streets for providing counseling, motivations and information about harm reduction, detoxification and shelter home services. The outreach workers also provide them paper bags and rags to minimize inhalants related harm.

For the last more than nine months, the Pakistan Society has been utilizing all its resources to helping these solvent abusing children off the streets and back on the road to meaningful and reproductive lives by saving them from malnutrition, self-inflicting injuries, suicidal attempts, ills of beggary and crimes, psychological / emotional trauma, premature sexual relationships, early prostitution, rape and illnesses of every kind including T.B, Malaria, Hepatitis, Typhoid, Psychosis and Bronchitis besides numerous crippling disabilities and deformities without forgetting AIDS and sexually transmissible diseases.

Pakistan Society is also working towards raising public and political awareness of the rights and needs of street children especially those involved with drug abuse with a view to eliminate neglect, alleviate homelessness and educate high risk youth to be responsible.